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By comparing feedback received on December 20 to January 19 we calculated feedback growth rate. While feedback doesn't exactly represent sales volume, comparing feedback growth is the best metric to find best performing sellers.

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Seller Location Growth
ssphila India 76%
mr.antique_shaikh India 63%
mudra_collection99 India 48%
bestproductscenter India 48%
silverinc India 42%
cooperateworld China 35%
krishonline2016 India 18%
magonlineshop India 17% India 16%
magideal India 14%
krazydeals2010 India 11%
import-mall India 11%
rsvintageparts2014 India 11%
manmai.coins.notes India 10%
bright_stamps2011 India 9%
1975sunil India 8%