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By comparing feedback received on November 18th to December 18th we calculated feedback growth rate. We used third-party seller feedback growth as a method to estimate how much a seller has been able to grow their sales.

Feedback reviews isn't a direct representation of sales volume, but for any given seller it is usually consistent with their sales volume - if sales increase feedback reviews increase too. Thus trending sellers are typically seeing an increase in sales, even if not by the shown growth rate. This feedback reviews property is also utilized for ranking eBay sellers.

During the last month peppa2018 increased their feedback received by 68% from the month before. They are at the top of the trending sellers list. They are currenly ranked 17th overall. Other trending sellers have also increased their feedback reviews: bright_stamps2011 by 57%, silverinc by 52%, manmai.coins.notes by 37%, vm_packaging by 24%, and the-zeenatstore by 19%.

However some sellers saw their feedback received decrease, often as a result of seasonal shifts in sales volume. Most notable were vrutanshaenterprise by -24%, worldofbuyers2015 by -23%, silver.products by -20%, technotechtechnologiespvtltd2014 by -18%, and seretail by -8%.

This report was last updated on . All metrics mentioned are calculated by our proprietary technology allowing us to collect data and analyze e-commerce marketplaces.

Seller Location Growth
peppa2018 Hong Kong 68%
bright_stamps2011 India 57%
silverinc India 52%
manmai.coins.notes India 37%
vm_packaging India 24%
the-zeenatstore India 19%
newshistory India 17%
krazydeals2010 India 13%

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