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By comparing feedback received on September 22nd to October 22nd we calculated feedback growth rate. We used third-party seller feedback growth as a method to estimate how much a seller has been able to grow their sales.

Feedback reviews isn't a direct representation of sales volume, but for any given seller it is usually consistent with their sales volume - if sales increase feedback reviews increase too. Thus trending sellers are typically seeing an increase in sales, even if not by the shown growth rate. This feedback reviews property is also utilized for ranking eBay sellers.

During the last month kristiabau61 increased their feedback received by 7,313% from the month before. They are at the top of the trending sellers list. They are currenly ranked 871st overall. Other trending sellers have also increased their feedback reviews: tigerkatze002 by 6,375%, collectaude by 1,864%, wholesaleon by 1,327%, megadeals1 by 1,103%, and *fantasy*dressing*up* by 975%.

However some sellers saw their feedback received decrease, often as a result of seasonal shifts in sales volume. Most notable were welcomeshop16 by -71%, clive459 by -70%, licn2011 by -69%, bargainhunter3210 by -66%, and mrsoftware2018 by -61%.

This report was last updated on . All metrics mentioned are calculated by our proprietary technology allowing us to collect data and analyze e-commerce marketplaces.

Seller Location Growth
Windows-Produktschlüssel Allemagne 7,313%
tigerkatze002 Allemagne 6,375%
collectaude France métropolitaine 1,864%
wholesaleon Chine 1,327%
MegaDeals1 Royaume-Uni 1,103%
*fantasy*dressing*up* Royaume-Uni 975%
stopshop16 Royaume-Uni 952%
buybuymall Chine 842%
carmotorequip Chine 672%
perisic07 Allemagne 590%
outsportexpert Chine 552%
mixstore13 Chine 528%
LA MEMOIRE DU PASSE France métropolitaine 520%
NOSTALGIACOLLECTORSSSS France métropolitaine 500%
k-lexio Royaume-Uni 480%
ei4you Allemagne 457%
Morgans Hobby Centre Royaume-Uni 420%
Crazy Boxing Royaume-Uni 415%
*k44veh* Royaume-Uni 393%
medailles38 France métropolitaine 386%
naveen199617 Royaume-Uni 379%
one store31 France métropolitaine 373%
Skippy Comics France métropolitaine 355%
librairie le 32 juillet France métropolitaine 343%
debsu2012 Chine 334%
henryschoenfeld Allemagne 323%
exklusiv-und-wertvoll Allemagne 318%
dealforward Chine 318%
Cosplayhk Chine 317%
freibeuter0173 Allemagne 315%
Mini Toys 4 Less Royaume-Uni 311%
hobbyartandcraftsltd Royaume-Uni 310%
mixgoodsmart Royaume-Uni 309%
1a_Ersatzteile Allemagne 304%
pandacars2012 Chine 262%
buyfastever Chine 260%
calohome Allemagne 260%
ms-windows-keys Allemagne 255%
cheapncheerful2010 Royaume-Uni 254%
00nemus00le00chat France métropolitaine 246%
all-canvaz Royaume-Uni 239%
eurosdicietdailleurs France métropolitaine 230%
fcocle France métropolitaine 218%
Bridal Beauty Royaume-Uni 218%
energysupply Chine 211%
Unique Online Sales 365 Royaume-Uni 208%
procctvstore Chine 207%
Directohome.Inc Chine 207%
michelstamp2015 Royaume-Uni 200%
alidov Italie 192%
Dumping Klaus Allemagne 192%
vendebaratoeva Espagne 190%
DC netStores KG Allemagne 190%
frler_fly Chine 186%
Di031004-Banknotes-Achat Immediat France métropolitaine 186%
Cirius-Music Royaume-Uni 186%
WeNext Trendfashion Allemagne 184%
grsoftbox2017 Espagne 181%
PartsandTools LTD Royaume-Uni 178%
Lumberjack UK Sales Outlet Royaume-Uni 174%
royalgolduk Royaume-Uni 173%
a2zfashion Royaume-Uni 171%
ming2573 Chine 170%
ephone_hut Royaume-Uni 169%
cca45 France métropolitaine 169%
Computer Giant Royaume-Uni 166%
smartliving99 Royaume-Uni 165%
4ushop888 Chine 163%
baboon24de - Magnet Hifi Werkstatt Allemagne 160%
service21_5 Chine 159%
diaz23200 France métropolitaine 157%
rall271075 France métropolitaine 152%
gadgetspace Royaume-Uni 149%
Centro Riparazioni Italia Italie 147%
seeyou.34again Royaume-Uni 146%
StoreWoody Royaume-Uni 141%
ziggy040_0 Royaume-Uni 138%
paradise-pet Royaume-Uni 137%
saudadedelisboa France métropolitaine 136%
niackss51 France métropolitaine 136%
Joker Costumes Store Royaume-Uni 135%
Chuckle's bargins Royaume-Uni 135%
reifen-discount Allemagne 134%
leighandneil Royaume-Uni 134%
Hiyaseller Fashion Women Sexy Dress Chine 133%
impex_nw_ltd Royaume-Uni 132%
eboxoon Chine 131%
125stampship250 Allemagne 129%
enkvisten® Allemagne 129%
Phönix Store Allemagne 129%
ted3332012 Royaume-Uni 128%
bayerline Allemagne 128%
brand-guru Allemagne 128%
TCA Royaume-Uni 127%
Quantum Direct Royaume-Uni 123%
Gift82014 Royaume-Uni 123%
Goodlad Stamps Royaume-Uni 123%
Elopeto-UK-Shop Royaume-Uni 122%

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