Articles written by analyzing our own proprietary data on marketplaces. By having access to data we are able to analyze marketplaces fairly and objectively.

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World Cup 2018 on Amazon

Inspired by the World Cup we looked at the shopping patterns on Amazon to see which teams and star players are most supported. The most popular is the Mexico national team jersey. Followed by Argentina, then Germany, Brazil, and finally Portugal.

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Where AmazonBasics is Winning

AmazonBasics private label brand is getting better at both launching successful products and expanding to more categories. One of the AmazonBasics products is in the Top 100 in 170 categories, up from 150 four months ago. 725 different AmazonBasics products are in the Top 100 in any category, up from 550.

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Amazon Seller Retention

Half of the top sellers were also top sellers two years ago. Despite the growing competition, increasing Amazon fees, and new trends like private label taking over the market, they are still at the top.

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Adidas is Winning on eBay

Without much fanfare Adidas appears to have become the most successful direct-to-consumer brand on eBay. The adidas_official seller joined eBay in September 2016, and have since grown to be one of the Top 50 eBay sellers.

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Is One Billion Sellers Enough

This is the reality of an e-commerce marketplace - millions of sellers on the platform, a million more ready to join, and a short list of top sellers generating most sales. The chance of one of those new million sellers becoming one? Statistically very small.

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Amazon Grows to Ten Thousand Sellers in Australia

Having launched in Australia in December last year, Amazon has now reached 10,000 sellers on the marketplace. In two months the marketplace has doubled in size from 5,000 in January. Amazon Australia is expected to exceed 50,000 sellers by the end of the year.

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The Top Amazon Sellers Don't Change Often

Only 2.4% of the top 10,000 sellers on the marketplace started selling during the past 12 months. The takeaway is two-fold: new sellers do not immediately break out in to the top, and top sellers are able to stay in the top for years.

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