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The Top Amazon Sellers Don't Change Often

Only 2.4% of the top 10,000 sellers on the marketplace started selling during the past 12 months. The takeaway is two-fold: new sellers do not immediately break out in to the top, and top sellers are able to stay in the top for years.

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Amazon Australia One Month Later

Amazon launched in Australia in December last year. One month later the marketplace attracted over 5,000 sellers. In fact, Amazon Australia is the fastest growing marketplace relative to its size. 55 new sellers join every day.

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China Is a Third of Amazon Marketplace

Physical goods are rarely made in the US. Often the country of origin is China. China has been exporting goods to the US for decades, but now Chinese manufacturers want to sell direct-to-consumer. Marketplaces like Amazon are a perfect avenue.

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100 Million Seller Reviews on Amazon Marketplace

In the last twelve months 113,098,076 seller reviews were left for Amazon marketplace sellers. Each seller on the marketplace receives seller feedback reviews from customers after a purchase. That's 309,857 seller reviews every day, 12,910 every hour, and 215 every minute.

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13,547 Sellers on Amazon Handmade vs. 1,003,822 on Etsy

Amazon Handmade was launched in October 2015, exactly two years ago. The products on Amazon Handmade are listed by 13,547 sellers based on our research. Compared to 1,003,822 sellers with products listed on Etsy. If all Amazon Handmade sellers were one seller, the number of seller feedback reviews received by it would make that seller the number one seller on marketplace.

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