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The Shape of Cyber Five 2019 on Amazon

Amazon, not unlike other retailers, is making the shopping event starting on Thanksgiving calmer. Deals are no longer constrained to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Instead, they are spread out over days leading up to it and continue once it is over.

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More Reviews on Amazon as a Result of the New “Ratings” System

In September, Amazon expanded product reviews by allowing shoppers to leave a star rating without a written review. For example, the Apple AirPods received, on average, 20 new reviews a day. Since the introduction of ratings, the rate of reviews didn't change, but consumers leave an additional 30 ratings per day.

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Amazon Has Three Million Active Sellers

There are close to 3 million active sellers on Amazon marketplaces worldwide, an increase of 17.7% in a year. A seller is active if they have products listed for sale. Less than 10% of the active sellers were able to achieve $100,000 in yearly sales, and only 1% reached $1 million in sales.

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Marketplace Is Driving Walmart’s Online Progress

This year, Walmart added 10 million products to the online catalog, but only half a million of that is sold directly by Walmart. The marketplace brought the rest of the assortment as it accelerated in growth by adding 10,000 new sellers since the start of the year. Today Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said, "we need even more progress on with general merchandise," for the past few years that progress came almost exclusively from the marketplace.

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Nike Says No More Amazon

Nike, one of the most searched brands on Amazon, will stop selling its products directly on Amazon, ending a pilot program that began in 2017. To avoid losing the Nike assortment, Amazon has been recruiting third-party sellers with Nike products so that the merchandise is still available on the site.

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Number of Amazon Sellers Offering Prime Up 50% in Three Years

More than 85% of the top Amazon sellers offer Prime shipping for more than half of their assortment, up from 56% three years ago. The number of sellers offering products through Prime is steadily increasing. Very few international sellers do not offer Prime - 93% of the top international sellers offer it, compared to 74% for US-based sellers.

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Amazon Trims Portfolio of Private Label Clothing Brands

Amazon has discontinued thirty of its clothing brands in recent months. Clothing brands account for more than half of Amazon’s hundreds of private label brands; however, they rarely succeed. Amazon Essentials, Goodthreads, Daily Ritual, and Lark & Ro brands have performed well, and yet most other brands haven’t. Thus, the company is starting to trim the portfolio of owned brands.

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Map of Amazon Sellers in the US

Amazon sellers are centered around the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Brooklyn, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Houston. Sellers are located in all fifty states and all of the more than 3,000 counties. 3% of sellers are in Brooklyn, the city with the most sellers. 8.6% of sellers are in Los Angeles County, the county with the most sellers. And 21.1% of sellers are in California, the state with the most sellers.

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Amazon Has Added Three Million Sellers Since 2017

3.3 million new third-party sellers have joined Amazon marketplaces worldwide since January 1st, 2017; over a million of which joined the marketplace in the US. Three million equals to 3,317 new sellers every day for the last one thousand days, or 138 every hour, or even two new sellers every minute.

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Amazon Launches in Singapore

Amazon launched in Singapore on Monday, October 7th. Singapore is Amazon’s 16th global marketplace after launching in the United Arab Emirates in April and Turkey in September last year. The company has first launched in Singapore more than two years ago with its fast delivery service through the Prime Now app.

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