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Marketplaces Power Law

On marketplaces there is a distribution with a small number of really big sellers and a long tail of sellers that provide product breadth and liquidity. That distribution looks like a power law.

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Marketplaces Year in Review 2018

The Year in Review looks at the state of marketplaces and their challenges, and makes predictions on what’s to come next year. It’s a deep-dive report built on our research, highlighting more than twenty different metrics and the context surrounding them.

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Etsy Remains Immune From Amazon Disruption

Launched three years ago in October 2015, Amazon Handmade was hailed as the "Etsy killer". And yet while it continues to grow it hasn't measurably impacted Etsy. Only 1.3% of Etsy sellers sell on Amazon Handmade.

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Etsy's First Year with Josh

One year ago Etsy appointed Josh Silverman as new CEO. At the time the company reported lowest ever Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) growth. The company has crafted a turnaround since.

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Is One Billion Sellers Enough

This is the reality of an e-commerce marketplace - millions of sellers on the platform, a million more ready to join, and a short list of top sellers generating most sales. The chance of one of those new million sellers becoming one? Statistically very small.

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13,547 Sellers on Amazon Handmade vs. 1,003,822 on Etsy

Amazon Handmade was launched in October 2015, exactly two years ago. The products on Amazon Handmade are listed by 13,547 sellers based on our research. Compared to 1,003,822 sellers with products listed on Etsy. If all Amazon Handmade sellers were one seller, the number of seller feedback reviews received by it would make that seller the number one seller on marketplace.

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Etsy Is Still Kicking

For the first time since 2016 Q1, and only for the second time ever, Etsy has reported a profit in the second quarter. The marketplace for handmade, vintage, and supplies is cutting costs and reorganizing its priorities.

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Etsy Has Already Added 500,000 Sellers in 2017

Based on our research since the start of the year Etsy has had half a million new sellers join the marketplace. 494,123 to be exact. This amounts to over 70,000 new shops every month, making 2017 the fastest growing year so far.

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Over a Million Sellers Suspended To Implement Etsy Payments

Etsy has recently implemented Etsy Payments, an improved and rebranded Direct Checkout, requiring all sellers to use it. This has caused a big uproar among sellers, some of which felt like they were being forced to use a lesser option. Starting June 1st any shop without Etsy Payments enabled was suspended.

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