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Chinese Brand Made the “Amazon Coat”

The #1 best selling product in Clothing on Amazon is a winter coat. Unsurprising, it is winter after all. But it's not made by Canada Goose or any other major clothing brand. Nor is it one of the private label brands Amazon has launched. Instead, it is made by Orolay, a company no one has heard of from Zhejiang province in China.

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Marketplaces Power Law

On marketplaces there is a distribution with a small number of really big sellers and a long tail of sellers that provide product breadth and liquidity. That distribution looks like a power law.

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Marketplaces Year in Review 2018

The Year in Review looks at the state of marketplaces and their challenges, and makes predictions on what’s to come next year. It’s a deep-dive report built on our research, highlighting more than twenty different metrics and the context surrounding them.

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Chinese Sellers Are Building Brands on Amazon

More than ten thousand Chinese sellers are attending the 4th annual Amazon Global Store Seller Summit. Amazon's message in China is simple: innovate on great products, expand worldwide, and build brands. And it's working.

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Amazon’s First Year in Australia

Amazon Australia is starting to gather momentum as it grows the marketplace, expands the catalog, and enables Prime shipping. They have 25,000 marketplace sellers, 100 million products, and have doubled website traffic.

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Amazon's Apple Moment

Amazon marketplace grew to a few hundred billions of dollars in size because brands refused to sell to Amazon directly. The future of Amazon is brands represented by Amazon, an Amazon agency, or by the brand itself. The opportunity for sellers is shrinking.

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Ghost Retailers

"Can a restaurant succeed if it's delivery-only?" asked Neal Ungerleider of Fast Company. Well, can a retailer succeed if it's marketplace-only?

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