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Benchmarking AmazonBasics

According to our research AmazonBasics' products are increasingly outperforming competition. Both rising closer to the top in the best sellers list and also launching more best selling products.

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Rapidly Growing Amazon India

It took four years for Amazon in India to grow the marketplace from zero to 200,000 sellers. But just over a year to double from 200,000 to 400,000 sellers.

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Amazon’s Missing Emotion

On the one hand, shoppers want to connect with brands, they want emotive discovery experience and brands that speak to their values. At the same time they want convenience and unlimited choice, which for most is Amazon.

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The Prime Effect on Amazon Marketplace

9 out of 10 top sellers on Amazon now offer Prime for at least one product. Sellers choose to store inventory in FBA not because it is more convenient or cheaper than the alternatives. They do so because it unlocks access to more shoppers on Amazon.

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Amazon Launches in Turkey

Amazon launched in Turkey on September 19th. Turkey becomes Amazon's 14th global marketplace. The marketplace launched with over 1,200 sellers on day one, all based in Turkey, mostly in the tree largest cities Istambul, Ankara, and İzmir.

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Etsy Remains Immune From Amazon Disruption

Launched three years ago in October 2015, Amazon Handmade was hailed as the "Etsy killer". And yet while it continues to grow it hasn't measurably impacted Etsy. Only 1.3% of Etsy sellers sell on Amazon Handmade.

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The Changing Amazon Seller

The Amazon seller has changed a lot since 2000. The changes are in what kind of products and the relationship with the brands they sell, how they handle fulfillment, and most recently where in the world they are located.

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The Best Product for Who?

Not unlike Netflix, Amazon is about matching the unique demand with the best choice. Netflix can service different audiences simultaneously and separately. Amazon search is starting to look like that too.

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