99,247,722 Seller Reviews on Amazon Marketplace

In the last twelve months 99,247,722 seller reviews were left for all Amazon marketplace sellers. This equals to 271,911 reviews every day, or 11,329 every hour, or even 188 every minute.

During the last 30 days alone 9,923,390 seller reviews were left. Each seller on the marketplace receives seller feedback reviews from customers after a purchase.

Seller feedback reviews is the only public metric to measure the activity and size of the marketplace. Amazon claims that sellers receive feedback reviews for 10-20% of their orders. The ratio does vary a lot more though, even going as low as 1% for some sellers (especially those not actively reaching out to buyers for a review).

46% of all seller reviews were left on Amazon.com, followed by Amazon.co.uk at 17%, and Amazon.de at 11%. Amazon.com is the most active, and thus largest, marketplace.

Marketplace Seller Reviews in 12 Months
Amazon.com 45,918,824
Amazon.co.uk 16,380,721
Amazon.de 11,326,913
Amazon.co.jp 7,564,947
Amazon.fr 4,907,673
Amazon.it 4,296,362
Amazon.ca 3,401,319
Amazon.es 2,644,906
Amazon.in 2,287,746
Amazon.com.mx 274,442
Amazon.com.au 142,533
Amazon.cn 74,031
Amazon.com.br 24,884
Amazon.com.tr 2,421

Overall only 4% of all 99,247,722 seller reviews were negative. Although that does mean millions of negative reviews, and thus just as many disgruntled customers.

Marketplace Negative Seller Reviews
Amazon.com.tr 38%
Amazon.com.br 16%
Amazon.in 14%
Amazon.cn 12%
Amazon.com.au 7%
Amazon.es 6%
Amazon.com.mx 5%
Amazon.ca 5%
Amazon.fr 5%
Amazon.it 4%
Amazon.de 3%
Amazon.co.uk 3%
Amazon.com 3%
Amazon.co.jp 2%

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