Number of Sellers on Amazon Marketplace

So far this year 1,204,225 sellers joined all Amazon marketplaces. This equals to 3,450 new sellers every day, or 143 every hour, or even 2 every minute.

This is adding to the already 5 million marketplace sellers, and was mostly contributed to by 342,411 new sellers in, 140,785 new sellers in, and 129,716 new sellers in Although few of them will ever become active - many sellers end up never listing even a single product. with 5,437 new sellers since the start of the year is growing fastest relative to the marketplace size. While has added the highest number of sellers it is also the largest marketplace. on the other hand is relatively small, much smaller than is followed by, and

Marketplace New Sellers 342,411 140,785 129,716 117,499 103,516 98,509 94,280 63,731 53,156 25,789 20,645 7,139 5,437 1,612

30% of the 1,204,225 new sellers who joined the Amazon marketplace this year already had a seller feedback review.

So far this year 518,182 sellers had their first feedback review. This is more than the figure above because some of the sellers joined the marketplace years ago, but only became active this year.

Of the 342,411 new sellers on so far this year, 128,257 had at least a feeedback review already. Thus roughly 37% of new sellers this year had at least a sale (though there are sellers with a few sales and no reviews). So 63% of the new sellers are yet to make a move.

Marketplace New Sellers With a Review Percent of New Sellers 128,257 37% 37,919 32% 35,508 27% 33,857 24% 25,694 24% 25,006 25% 22,039 41% 21,758 23% 21,113 33% 7,399 35% 3,931 15% 988 13% 868 15% 538 33%

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