China Sellers Share of Amazon Marketplace

On Amazon marketplaces 43% of sellers are based in China. This is based on combined average of the 5 European marketplaces (Spain, France, Italy, UK, and Germany), and counts active sellers only (at least one feedback rating a month).

Most Chinese sellers are in the marketplace with 51% of the active sellers. Followed by at 46%, and at 44%.

The ratio is even higher among top sellers at 43%. This is most apparent on at 53%, at 51%, and at 45%.

Retailers in Europe are required to disclose their business location as part of European Union law, this thus also apply to sellers on European marketplaces. The business information is analyzed in this report to determine what country is the seller located in. Unfortunately this is only possible for the European marketplaces, and the same analysis is not possible for

Nonetheless China sellers share of marketplace is at least that of Europe at 43% or even higher. The US marketplace generates the most sales overall, thus the interest from sellers is highest there. In a study Payoneer interviewed 900 Chinese sellers and found that 62% of respondents are selling on Amazon marketplaces. Of the 62% figure, 91% sell on in the US. Which means the 43% we calculated for European marketplaces is likely even higher in the US.

Marketplace China in Active Sellers China in Top 100 China in Top 1,000 China in Top 10,000 51% 38% 49% 53% 46% 18% 39% 51% 44% 27% 38% 45% 40% 10% 13% 33% 36% 7% 17% 32%

Among Chinese sellers more than 71% use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Compared to 54% average of all sellers. Which means that from the customer point of view it's all the same experience. But for other sellers this is a threatening figure because it will be hard to compete with them.

The ratio of Chinese sellers using FBA compared to the total ratio of FBA users is much higher. Meaning that while only 55% of all sellers are using FBA on Amazon Germany, 83% of Chinese sellers are using it. For Chinese sellers FBA is the key feature allowing them to compete with domestic sellers.

Marketplace China FBA Sellers All FBA Sellers 83% 55% 80% 69% 69% 53% 64% 55% 56% 40%

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